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Susan Sherwin & Françoise Baylis (2003). The Feminist Health Care Ethics Consultant as Architect and Advocate.

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    Conceptualizing Boundaries for the Professionalization of Healthcare Ethics Practice: A Call for Empirical Research.Nancy C. Brown & Summer Johnson McGee - 2014 - HEC Forum 26 (4):325-341.
    One of the challenges of modern healthcare ethics practice is the navigation of boundaries. Practicing healthcare ethicists in the performance of their role must navigate meanings, choices, decisions and actions embedded in complex cultural and social relationships amongst diverse individuals. In light of the evolving state of modern healthcare ethics practice and the recent move toward professionalization via certification, understanding boundary navigation in healthcare ethics practice is critical. Because healthcare ethics is endowed with many boundaries which often delineate concerns about (...)
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    Shifting the Emphasis to Meaningful Ethics Engagement in theDevelopmentof Health Policies.Jeffrey Kirby - 2012 - American Journal of Bioethics 12 (11):18-20.
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    Deliberative Engagement: An Inclusive Methodology for Exploring Professionalization. [REVIEW]Jeffrey Kirby & Christy Simpson - 2012 - HEC Forum 24 (3):187-201.
    Early on in the development of Practicing Healthcare Ethicists Exploring Professionalization (PHEEP), the founding members recognized the need to address and meet two important goals: (1) the creation of a dynamic, rigorous process to support the exploratory work, and (2) the establishment of the means—deliberative engagement—to generate and justify the substantive content of professionalization-related products, such as practice standards and position statements. Drawing from social justice and deliberative democracy conceptions and insights (among others), the authors identify and describe the core (...)
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    Patient Advocacy in Clinical Ethics Consultation.Lisa M. Rasmussen - 2012 - American Journal of Bioethics 12 (8):1 - 9.
    The question of whether clinical ethics consultants may engage in patient advocacy in the course of consultation has not been addressed, but it highlights for the field that consultants? allegiances, and the boundaries of appropriate professional practice, must be better understood. I consider arguments for and against patient advocacy in clinical ethics consultation, which demonstrate that patient advocacy is permissible, but not central to the practice of consultation. I then offer four recommendations for consultants who engage in patient advocacy, and (...)
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    An Innovative, Inclusive Process for Meso-Level Health Policy Development.Jeff Kirby & Christy Simpson - 2007 - HEC Forum 19 (2):161-176.
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    Wanted: A New Ethics Field for Health Policy Analysis.Nuala Kenny & Mita Giacomini - 2005 - Health Care Analysis 13 (4):247-260.
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    A Code of Ethics for Bioethicists: Prospects and Problems.Jessica Miller - 2005 - American Journal of Bioethics 5 (5):66-68.
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