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Ivan Szelenyi & Bill Martin (1988). The Three Waves of New Class Theories.

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    Elusive Revolt.C. Tugal - 2015 - Thesis Eleven 130 (1):74-95.
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    On Irony: An Invitation to Neoclassical Sociology.Gil Eyal, Iván Szélényi & Eleanor Townsley - 2003 - Thesis Eleven 73 (1):5-41.
    This article proffers an invitation to neoclassical sociology. This is understood as a Habermasian reconstruction of the fundamental vision of the discipline as conceptualized by classical theorists, particularly Weber. Taking the cases of Eastern and Central Europe as a laboratory, we argue against the idea of a single, homogenizing globalizing logic. Currently and historically what we see instead is a remarkable diversity of capitalist forms and destinations. Neither sociological theories of networks and embeddedness nor economic models of rational action adequately (...)
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    `The Sixties' Trope.E. Townsley - 2001 - Theory, Culture and Society 18 (6):99-123.
    Combining insights from narrative analysis in sociology and trope theory in anthropology, this article develops a theory of tropes that emphasizes their historical production and political effects. Tropes function politically to enable some narratives, identities and resolutions while foreclosing others. As a powerful tool for socio-historical analysis, a consideration of tropes is crucial for deconstructing the taken-for-granted predicates and the `dangerous' consequences of political narratives. To illustrate the argument, the trope of `the Sixties' is analyzed as a case study.
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