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  1. Unconscious Priming According to Multiple s-R Rules.Andrea Kiesel, Wilfried Kunde & Joachim Hoffmann - 2007 - Cognition 104 (1):89-105.
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  • Attention Without Awareness.Robert W. Kentridge - 2011 - In Christopher Mole, Declan Smithies & Wayne Wu (eds.), Attention: Philosophical and Psychological Essays. Oxford University Press. pp. 228.
  • Boundary Conditions for the Influence of Unfamiliar Non-Target Primes in Unconscious Evaluative Priming: The Moderating Role of Attentional Task Sets.Markus Kiefer, Eun-Jim Sim & Dirk Wentura - 2015 - Consciousness and Cognition 35:342-356.
  • Exploring the Visual Conscious.Bruno G. Breitmeyer, Markus Kiefer & Michael Niedeggen - 2015 - Consciousness and Cognition 35:178-184.
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  • Conscious Contributions to Subliminal Priming.Piotr Jaśkowski - 2008 - Consciousness and Cognition 17 (1):72-83.
    Choice reaction times to visual stimuli may be influenced by preceding subliminal stimuli . Some authors reported a straight priming effect i.e., responses were faster when primes and targets called for the same response than when they called for different responses. Others found the reversed pattern of results. Eimer and Schlaghecken [Eimer, M. & Schlaghecken, F. . Links between conscious awareness and response inhibition: evidence from masked priming. Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, 9, 514–520.] showed recently that straight priming occurs whenever (...)
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  • On-Line Control of Pointing is Modified by Unseen Visual Shapes.Erin K. Cressman, Ian M. Franks, James T. Enns & Romeo Chua - 2007 - Consciousness and Cognition 16 (2):265-275.
    Shapes that are rendered invisible through backward masking are still able to influence motor responses: this is called masked priming. Yet it is unknown whether this influence is on the control of ongoing action, or whether it merely influences the initiation of an already-programmed action. We modified a masked priming procedure such that the critical prime-mask sequence was displayed during the execution of an already-initiated goal-directed pointing movement. Psychophysical tests of prime visibility indicated that the identity of the prime shapes (...)
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  • Unconscious and Out of Control: Subliminal Priming is Insensitive to Observer Expectations.Erin K. Cressman, Melanie Y. Lam, Ian M. Franks, James T. Enns & Romeo Chua - 2013 - Consciousness and Cognition 22 (3):716-728.
    We asked whether the influence of an invisible prime on movement is dependent on conscious movement expectations. Participants reached to a central target, which triggered a directional prime–mask arrow sequence. Participants were instructed that the visible arrows would most often signal a movement modification in a specific direction. Kinematic analyses revealed that responses to the visible mask were influenced by participants’ intentional bias, as movements were fastest when the more probable mask was displayed. In addition, responses were influenced by the (...)
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