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  1. Event-by-Event Simulation of Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen-Bohm Experiments.Shuang Zhao, Hans De Raedt & Kristel Michielsen - 2008 - Foundations of Physics 38 (4):322-347.
    We construct an event-based computer simulation model of the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen-Bohm experiments with photons. The algorithm is a one-to-one copy of the data gathering and analysis procedures used in real laboratory experiments. We consider two types of experiments, those with a source emitting photons with opposite but otherwise unpredictable polarization and those with a source emitting photons with fixed polarization. In the simulation, the choice of the direction of polarization measurement for each detection event is arbitrary. We use three different procedures (...)
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  • Non-Local Realistic Theories and the Scope of the Bell Theorem.Federico Laudisa - 2008 - Foundations of Physics 38 (12):1110-1132.
    According to a widespread view, the Bell theorem establishes the untenability of so-called ‘local realism’. On the basis of this view, recent proposals by Leggett, Zeilinger and others have been developed according to which it can be proved that even some non-local realistic theories have to be ruled out. As a consequence, within this view the Bell theorem allows one to establish that no reasonable form of realism, be it local or non-local, can be made compatible with the (experimentally tested) (...)
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  • Against the 'No-Go' Philosophy of Quantum Mechanics.Federico Laudisa - 2014 - European Journal for Philosophy of Science 4 (1):1-17.
    In the area of the foundations of quantum mechanics a true industry appears to have developed in the last decades, with the aim of proving as many results as possible concerning what there cannot be in the quantum realm. In principle, the significance of proving ‘no-go’ results should consist in clarifying the fundamental structure of the theory, by pointing out a class of basic constraints that the theory itself is supposed to satisfy. In the present paper I will discuss some (...)
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  • Local Causality and Completeness: Bell Vs. Jarrett. [REVIEW]Travis Norsen - 2009 - Foundations of Physics 39 (3):273-294.
    J.S. Bell believed that his famous theorem entailed a deep and troubling conflict between the empirically verified predictions of quantum theory and the notion of local causality that is motivated by relativity theory. Yet many physicists continue to accept, usually on the reports of textbook writers and other commentators, that Bell’s own view was wrong, and that, in fact, the theorem only brings out a conflict with determinism or the hidden-variables program or realism or some other such principle that (unlike (...)
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