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Robert van Es (2003). Inside and Outside the Insider: A Film Workshop in Practical Ethics. [REVIEW]

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  1. The Hero-Leader Matrix in Business and Cinema.Olivier Fournout - 2017 - Journal of Business Ethics 141 (1):27-46.
    Textbooks and manuals on management suggest that managers are heroes who deal with difficult problems of collective adaptation and change. American films are similarly built on the premise of a hero confronted with extremely difficult situations. What if this hero figure promoted for so long in both management literature and the American film industry was the same at the structural level? This paper will attempt to clearly define the ethical performance of heroes that is perhaps shared by the imagination industry (...)
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    Challenging the ‘Million Zeros’: The Importance of Imagination for Business Ethics Education.Cécile Rozuel - 2016 - Journal of Business Ethics 138 (1):39-51.
    Despite increasing the presence of ‘ethics talk’ in business and management curricula, the ability of business ethics educators to question the system and support the development of morally responsible agents is debatable. This is not because of a lack of care or competence; rather, this situation points towards a more general tendency of education to become focused on economic growth, as Nussbaum claims. Revisiting the nature of ethics education, I argue that much moral learning occurs through the imagination, and not (...)
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    'Margin Call': Using Film to Explore Behavioural Aspects of the Financial Crisis.Andrea Werner - 2014 - Journal of Business Ethics 122 (4):1-12.
    The aim of this article is to show how the critically acclaimed and award winning film Margin Call may be used in business ethics teaching. Set in a fictional investment bank at the dawn of the financial crisis, the film zooms in on the motivations and decision-making of people who had much to lose from the crash of the hitherto very profitable mortgage-backed securities market. The film offers rich material for analysis of behaviours that contributed to the crisis. The article (...)
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    Using Inside Job to Teach Business Ethics.Ernest N. Biktimirov & Don Cyr - 2013 - Journal of Business Ethics 117 (1):209-219.
    This article recommends the film Inside Job as an effective teaching tool for illustrating the ethical issues that surrounded the global financial crisis of 2008 and the subsequent economic downturn. The study discusses issues such as the revolving door, conflicts of interest, fiduciary duty, executive compensation, and financial regulation. The presentation of each ethical issue comprises suggested questions, background information, and guides to specific sections of the film. An overview of the film is provided as well.
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    X-Men Ethics: Using Comic Books to Teach Business Ethics.Virginia W. Gerde & R. Spencer Foster - 2008 - Journal of Business Ethics 77 (3):245-258.
    A modern form of narrative, comic books are used to communicate, discuss, and critique issues in business ethics and social issues in management. A description of comic books as a legitimate medium is followed by a discussion of the pedagogical uses of comic books and assessment techniques. The strengths of the pedagogy include crossing cultural barriers, understanding the complexity of individual decision-making and organizational influences, and the universality of dilemmas and values. We provide an initial source for educators on the (...)
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    Prize Essay: Ethical Infractions: Ethical Issues in the Cinematic Screenplay of the Feature Films the Insider and Roger & Me.Catherine Barlow - 2005 - Business Ethics 14 (1):77–82.
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    Prize Essay: Ethical Infractions: Ethical Issues in the Cinematic Screenplay of the Feature Films The Insider and Roger & Me.Catherine Barlow - 2005 - Business Ethics: A European Review 14 (1):77-82.
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