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  1. Conditions of Rationality for Scientific Research.Paul Weingartner - 2019 - Kriterion - Journal of Philosophy 33 (2):67-118.
    The purpose of this paper is to discuss conditions of rationality for scientific research (SR) where “conditions” are understood as “necessary conditions”. This will be done in the following way: First, I shall deal with the aim of SR since conditions of rationality (for SR) are to be understood as necessary means for reaching the aim (goal) of SR. Subsequently, the following necessary conditions will be discussed: Rational Communication, Methodological Rules, Ideals of Rationality and its Realistic Aspects, Methodological and Ontological (...)
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  • Hilbert-Style Axiom Systems for the Matrix-Based Logics RMQ − and RMQ.Albert J. J. Anglberger & Jonathan Lukic - 2015 - Studia Logica 103 (5):985-1003.
    This paper deals with the axiomatizability problem for the matrix-based logics RMQ − and RMQ *. We present a Hilbert-style axiom system for RMQ −, and a quasi-axiomatization based on it for RMQ *. We further compare these logics to different well-known modal logics, and assess its status as relevance logics.
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  • Matrix- Based Logic for Avoiding Paradoxes and its Paraconsistent Alternative.Paul Weingartner - 2011 - Manuscrito 34 (1):365-388.
    The present article shows that there are consistent and decidable manyvalued systems of propositional logic which satisfy two or all the three criteria for non-trivial inconsistent theories by da Costa . The weaker one of these paraconsistent system is also able to avoid a series of paradoxes which come up when classical logic is applied to empirical sciences. These paraconsistent systems are based on a 6-valued system of propositional logic for avoiding difficulties in several domains of empirical science ).
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  • An Alternative Propositional Calculus for Application to Empirical Sciences.Paul Weingartner - 2010 - Studia Logica 95 (1-2):233 - 257.
    The purpose of the paper is to show that by cleaning Classical Logic (CL) from redundancies (irrelevances) and uninformative complexities in the consequence class and from too strong assumptions (of CL) one can avoid most of the paradoxes coming up when CL is applied to empirical sciences including physics. This kind of cleaning of CL has been done successfully by distinguishing two types of theorems of CL by two criteria. One criterion (RC) forbids such theorems in which parts of the (...)
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