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Michael Dummett

Princeton University Press (2002)

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  1. Minimalism Deflated: Independence Without Substance.Bernhard Weiss - 2008 - Synthese 171 (3):521-529.
    The paper examines Wright’s attempt to inflate deflationism about truth. It accepts the details of Wright’s argument but contends that it should best be seen as posing a dilemma for the deflationist: either truth is independent of norms of warranted assertibility—in which case it is substantial—or it is not—in which case epistemicism about truth is a consequence. Some concerns about epistemicism are raised in avoiding the second horn. The first is avoided by distinguishing between independence and substantiality and arguing that (...)
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  • The Context Principle and Dummett's Argument for Anti-Realism.Karen Green - 2005 - Theoria 71 (2):92-117.
    Dummettian anti-realism–the refusal to endorse bivalence–is generally thought to be associated with idealism This paper argues that this is only true of the position developed by early Dummett. In a later manifestation Dummettian anti-realism is better thought of as providing the logic for anti-realisms of an error theoretic kind. Early on Dummett distinguished deep from shallow arguments for giving up bivalence: deep arguments followed a strong ‘sufficiency’ reading of Frege’s context principle, and made the sentence the primary vehicle of meaning. (...)
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  • Realism.Alexander Miller - 2008 - Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.