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On building reliable pictures with unreliable data: An evolutionary and developmental coda for the new systems biology

In Fred C. Boogerd, Frank J. Bruggeman, Jan-Hendrik S. Hofmeyr & Hans V. Westerhoff (eds.), Systems Biology: Philosophical Foundations. Elsevier. pp. 103--20 (2007)

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  1. Data Interpretation in the Digital Age.Sabina Leonelli - 2014 - Perspectives on Science 22 (3):397-417.
    Scientific knowledge production is currently affected by the dissemination of data on an unprecedented scale. Technologies for the automated production and sharing of vast amounts of data have changed the way in which data are handled and interpreted in several scientific domains, most notably molecular biology and biomedicine. In these fields, the activity of data gathering has become increasingly technology-driven, with machines such as next generation genome sequencers and mass spectrometers generating billions of data points within hours, and with little (...)
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  • Coupling Simulation and Experiment: The Bimodal Strategy in Integrative Systems Biology.Miles MacLeod & Nancy J. Nersessian - 2013 - Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part C 44 (4a):572-584.
    The importation of computational methods into biology is generating novel methodological strategies for managing complexity which philosophers are only just starting to explore and elaborate. This paper aims to enrich our understanding of methodology in integrative systems biology, which is developing novel epistemic and cognitive strategies for managing complex problem-solving tasks. We illustrate this through developing a case study of a bimodal researcher from our ethnographic investigation of two systems biology research labs. The researcher constructed models of metabolic and cell-signaling (...)
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  • Can an Engineer Fix an Immune System?–Rethinking Theoretical Biology.Claudio Mattiussi - 2013 - Acta Biotheoretica 61 (2):223-258.
    In an instant classic paper ; 2002: 179–182) biologist Yuri Lazebnik deplores the poor effectiveness of the approach adopted by biologists to understand and “fix” biological systems. Lazebnik suggests that to remedy this state of things biologist should take inspiration from the approach used by engineers to design, understand, and troubleshoot technological systems. In the present paper I substantiate Lazebnik’s analysis by concretely showing how to apply the engineering approach to biological problems. I use an actual example of electronic circuit (...)
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  • Reengineering the Darwinian Sciences in Social Context.William C. Wimsatt - 2006 - Biological Theory 1 (4):338.