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Erkenntnis 49 (2):233-236 (1997)

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  1. Sú pojmy dostatočná podmienka a nutná podmienka pre empirickú oblasť symetrické?František Gahér - 2011 - Organon F: Medzinárodný Časopis Pre Analytickú Filozofiu 18 (3):331-350.
    The expressions sufficient condition and necessary condition are frequently used in various areas in sciences as well as in everyday usage; therefore, they might be taken as expressing well defined notions which should not lead to any serious misunderstandings when used. According to the widely accepted definitions of both concepts, the concept of sufficient condition and that of necessary condition imply their symmetry : if one thing poses a sufficient condition to another thing, the latter is a necessary condition for (...)
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  • What Verities May Be.Igor Douven & Lieven Decock - 2017 - Mind 126 (502):386-428.
    Edgington has proposed a solution to the sorites paradox in terms of ‘verities’, which she defines as degrees of closeness to clear truth. Central to her solution is the assumption that verities are formally probabilities. She is silent on what verities might derive from and on why they should be probabilities. This paper places Edgington’s solution in the framework of a spatial approach to conceptualization, arguing that verities may be conceived of as deriving from how our concepts relate to each (...)
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  • How Many Kinds of Reasoning? Inference, Probability, and Natural Language Semantics.Daniel Lassiter & Noah D. Goodman - 2015 - Cognition 136:123-134.
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