PhilPapers design contest

As part of our efforts to rejuvenate the user interface of PhilPapers and associated services, we are announcing a design contest for a new PhilPapers header and logo. The PhilPapers Foundation offers a prize of CA$4000 for the winning design. In addition, the winner's name will be displayed on PhilPapers with an optional link to a professional or corporate page. In case two or more designs are successful and we combine them, the main prize will be split in a proportion determined by the Foundation.

Evaluation: Submitted designs should align with the purpose and audience of PhilPapers. We have a preference for a simple, modern design, but we are open to all ideas. The design should also be relatively easily adaptable to our other sites (e.g. and should suit a fixed-width (centered) content page (unlike the current design). The board of the Foundation will select a short list of finalists (five or six), and these finalists will be asked to produce a few additional logos with other names, including PhilEvents, before we make our final decision. As a condition for receiving prizes, winners will be asked to submit production-ready, scalable Adobe Illustrator vector graphics versions of their designs.

Participants should submit an image file (JPEG, PNG) containing a final design (not just a sketch) for the part of the site ( from the top menu (inclusive) to the top of the page, including a new logo. The submission deadline is April 30 (23:59pm Eastern time). Participants may submit multiple designs. Please send submissions and inquiries to . In submitting artwork to the contest, you agree to cede the rights to all submitted artwork to the PhilPapers Foundation if you receive a prize of at least CA$500. We reserve the right to award no prize if no design is satisfactory.

Update: responses to frequently asked questions

Is the contest open to non-Canadians?

Absolutely! The contest is open to anyone from anywhere.

Exactly what do you want included in the submitted designs?

All the elements that you see on this page from the blue menu bar upwards (including the blue menu bar). This includes the menu bar, the logo, the entry count, the "slogan", and the links at the top. All these elements are subject to vary, but we are looking for a design that can accommodate them.

Should submitted designs retain elements of the current design?

There is some value in retaining existing design elements. Existing elements that could be retained include: the colors, the font, the way the word "philpapers" is split between two colors, the different color on the dot on the "i", etc. Retaining some elements of design might help create a sense of continuity, which is good. However, we are open to a radically new design as well.