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  4. Browse from Osborne, Harold: Odours and appreciation
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  8. Browse from Janicaud, Dominique: Phenomenology "Wide Open": After the French Debate
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  12. Browse from Franco, Paul: Peter J. Steinberger, Logic and Politics: Hegel's Philosophy of Right. Steven B. Smith, Hegel's Critique of Liberalism: Rights in Context
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  16. Browse from Lioi, Anthony: “The Art of Poetry” (poem)
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  20. Browse from Giles, A. F.: From Augustus to Hadrian T. Salmon: History of the Roman World, 3O B.C.–A.D. 138. Pp. xiii+363; 5 maps. London: Methuen, 1944. Cloth, 20s. net
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  24. Browse from Alekseev, P. V.: Filosofy Rossii Nachala Xxi Stoletii͡a: Biografii, Idei, Trudy: Ėnt͡siklopedicheskiĭ Slovarʹ
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  28. Browse from Sestito, Angela: Simultaneous Elements of Reality for Incompatible Properties by Exploiting Locality
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  32. Browse from Hay, David A.: Parents, Children and Adolescents: Interactive Relationships and Development in Context. By A-M. Ambert. Pp. 395. (The Haworth Press, New York, 1997.)
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  36. Browse from Galikova, S.: On philosophy, Sophie, Ludo, Central Committee of the Czechoslovak Communist Party and other issues
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  40. Browse from Pinet, Genevieve: Ethical Aspects of Public Health Legislation and the Role of the State
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  44. Browse from Gethmann, Carl Friedrich: The Moral Status of the Embryo and the Protection of its Life
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  48. Browse from Anderson, James: Pain, Private Language and the Mind-Body Problem
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  52. Browse from : [Present Day Aesthetics-Topical Problems-A Collection of Articles]
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  56. Browse from Manent, Pierre: Histoire Intellectuelle du Liberalisme Dix Leçons
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  60. Browse from Hopkins, Edward: Notes from India
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  64. Browse from Richey, Lance: Book Review
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  68. Browse from Pró, Diego F.: Aspecto filosófico del saber interdisciplinario en las ciencias humanas
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  72. Browse from Just, Peter: Dou Donggo Justice Conflict and Morality in an Indonesian Society
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  76. Browse from Grossgebauer, Klaus: Cancer: Reexpression of Procaryotic Replication Units—the "Procaryote Hypothesis" of Oncogenesis
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  80. Browse from Murty, Vishnu P.;FeldmanHall, Oriel;Hunter, Lindsay E.;Phelps, Elizabeth A.;Davachi, Lila: Episodic memories predict adaptive value-based decision-making
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  84. Browse from Gourinat, Jean-Baptiste: Relations et relatifs : les stoïciens contre Aristote
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  88. Browse from Amodio, Barbara A.: Opening the Temple in the Human Body
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  92. Browse from Townsend Dabney: The Genealogy of Aesthetics
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  96. Browse from Ray, Binayendranath: Consciousness in Neo-Realism
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Miyasaki, Donovan, Against the Moral Appraisal of Art: Wayne Booth and the Case of Huck Finn. Morality, Art, Aesthetics, Ethics, Literature, Aesthetic Judgment.

Anderson, James C.;Dean, Jeffrey T., Moderate autonomism.

Carroll, Noël, Ethics and aesthetics: Replies to Dickie, Stecker, and Livingston.

Carroll, Noël, Moderate moralism. art and morality, moralism.

Carroll, Noel, Moderate moralism versus moderate autonomism. Ethical Criticism.

Carroll, Noël, The wheel of virtue: Art, literature, and moral knowledge. moralism, art and morality, aesthetics and ethics.

Collinson, Diané, ‘Ethics and aesthetics are one’.

Connolly, O., Ethicism and moderate moralism.

Cory, Herbert Ellsworth, Beauty and goodness: Art and morality.

Dickie, George, The triumph in triumph of the will.

Giovannelli, Alessandro, The ethical criticism of art: A new mapping of the territory. Ethical Criticism, Moral Persuasion.

Grossman, Morris, Art and morality: On the ambiguity of a distinction.

Mason, Michelle, Moral prejudice and aesthetic deformity: Rereading Hume's "of the standard of taste". David Hume, taste, aesthetics.

Mullin, Amy, Moral defects, aesthetic defects, and the imagination. MoralEd, Aesthetics, Imagination, Resistance, Dissertation.

Eaton, Marcia Muelder, Integrating the aesthetic and the moral.

Berrios, Ruben, José Luis bermúdez and Sebastian Gardner, eds., Art and morality. New York: Routledge, 2003, 303 pp. (indexed). ISBN 0-415-19252-8, US$96.95 (hb).

Eaton, A. W., Where Ethics and Aesthetics Meet: Titian's Rape of Europa.

Harold, James, Immoralism and the Valence Constraint.

Stecker, Robert, Immoralism and the anti-theoretical view.

Hagberg, Garry L., Art and Ethical Criticism. Aesthetics , Aesthetics Moral and ethical aspects, Art Philosophy.

Gaut, Berys Nigel, Art, Emotion and Ethics. Aesthetics , Ethics , Art Moral and ethical aspects.

Bermúdez, José Luis;Gardner, Sebastian, Art and Morality. Aesthetics , Ethics , Art Moral and ethical aspects.

Levinson, Jerrold, Aesthetics and Ethics: Essays at the Intersection. Aesthetics , Ethics , Art Moral and ethical aspects.

Anderson, John, Art and morality.

Armstrong, David M.;Malcolm, Norman, Consciousness and Causality: A Debate on the Nature of Mind. Causality, Consciousness, Metaphysics, Mind, Wittgenstein.