Embedding private lists

It's possible to embed private list maintained using the 'My bibliography' feature in user accounts. To do so, you must first make your list publicly accessible. Visit this page, click on "options" next to your list, tick the "Make this bibliography public" option, and save.

Then note the id number for your list. This is the number which appears after "id:" on the main "My bibliography" page above. You can make the list appear on any page by inserting the following code snippet, taking care to replace the two occurrences of [ID] with the id number you wrote down:

<div id="xpapers_gadget"> Loading papers... (Click <a href="http://philpapers.org/browse/[ID]">here</a> if the papers don't load.) </div> <script type="text/javascript" src="http://api.philpapers.org/browse/[ID]?format=embed&apiId=[API_ID]&apiKey=[API_KEY]"></script>
[API_ID] and [API_KEY] should be replaced by your API user ID and your API Key, respectively. You can obtain those for free here.