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How did you do on the Metasurvey?
All Survey and Metasurvey respondents will receive an email giving a link to a page with their responses, including an assessment of how well they did on the Metasurvey.  We can't post those results publically, as participants did not consent to that, but people should feel free to post about their own Metasurvey results.

I took the Metasurvey unofficially by making predictions at the start of the Survey.  I didn't take it officially, as even by that point I'd seen results from beta testing the Survey.  Even so, a few of my predictions were off by a long way.  For example, I wrongly predicted a substantial majority for Humeanism, aesthetic subjectivism, Platonism, and invariantism.  I did better on the physicalism and analytic-synthetic distinction questions, predicting 60-20-20 in both cases (compared to 56-27-17 and 65-27-18), and was reasonable close on the zombie question, predicting 40-20-20-20 for CMI, MP, IC, other as opposed to 36-23-16-25.   I also accidentally predicted majorities for theism and scientific anti-realism by putting the predictions in the wrong order (I think this was an artifact of having worked so much with the questions that a particular order was fixed in my mind).  Overall, my average absolute error was 11%, placing me (unofficially) 31st out of 728 respondents.  It would be interesting to hear from others.

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