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Graduate students vs. faculty
It's interesting to compare results among faculty and graduate students.  Where target faculty as a whole favor Platonism, aesthetic objectivism, two-boxing, deontology, and Millianism, graduate students favor nominalism, aesthetic subjectivism, one-boxing, virtue ethics, and Fregeanism.

Also, in most cases where there are views with large majorities among target faculty, those views have somewhat reduced majorities among graduate students: e.g. compatibilism, non-skeptical realism, analytic-synthetic distinction, atheism, non-Humeanism, classical logic, content externalism, moral realism, moral cognitivism, egalitarianism, scientific realism, and trolley switching.

Where compared to the faculty/PhD group as a whole (instead of to target faculty), graduate students' results are somewhat closer, because majority views among target faculty typically have reduced majorities among non-target faculty.  But the majorities are still reduced among graduate students compared to this group.

Most of the results in the first paragraph stand up when comparing graduate students to all faculty/PhDs.  Exceptions: the full faculty/PhD group (unlike target faculty) favors nominalism but by much less than graduate students, and favors consequentialism in a fairly close result.  The differing results regarding aesthetic subjectivism, one-boxing, and Fregeanism are as before.


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