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  • PhD, Yale University, 89.

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My philosophical views

My philosophical views

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A priori knowledge: yes or no?Accept: yes
Abstract objects: Platonism or nominalism?Accept an intermediate viewAccept the existence of abstract objects, but only as transcendentally ideal
Aesthetic value: objective or subjective?Accept an intermediate viewAccept intersubjective validity of true aesthetic value judgments.
Analytic-synthetic distinction: yes or no?Accept: yes
Epistemic justification: internalism or externalism?Accept an intermediate viewAccept a weak externalism + non-inferentially/non-conceptually justified basic beliefs (intuitionism).
External world: idealism, skepticism, or non-skeptical realism?Accept an intermediate viewNon-skeptical realism + a weak version of transcendental idealism
Free will: compatibilism, libertarianism, or no free will?Accept an intermediate viewAccept a non-reductive, non-dualist natural libertarianism
God: theism or atheism?Accept an intermediate viewAccept radical agnosticism.
Knowledge: empiricism or rationalism?Accept an intermediate viewAccept anthropocentric Kantian rationalism.
Knowledge claims: contextualism, relativism, or invariantism?Accept an intermediate viewAccept invariantism with respect to a priori knowledge & contextualism with respect to a posteriori knowledge.
Laws of nature: Humean or non-Humean?Accept: non-Humean
Logic: classical or non-classical?Accept an intermediate viewAccept universal & a priori meta-logical proto-logic + logical constructivism/pluralism for constructed systems.
Mental content: internalism or externalism?Accept an intermediate viewAccept weak individualism + weak externalism.
Meta-ethics: moral realism or moral anti-realism?Accept an intermediate viewAccept Kantian constructivism with moral realism (as to innately specified procedural principles) + contextualism (as to constructed substantive principles & judgments)
Metaphilosophy: naturalism or non-naturalism?Accept an intermediate viewAccept liberal naturalism = no non-physical, non-spatiotemporal entities + mental properties as co-fundamental with physical properties in all & only sentient organisms.
Mind: physicalism or non-physicalism?Accept: non-physicalism
Moral judgment: cognitivism or non-cognitivism?Accept an intermediate viewAccept cognitivism as to justification + non-cognitivism as to motivation.
Moral motivation: internalism or externalism?Accept an intermediate viewAccept a desire-overriding (higher-order non-instrumental-reasons-sensitive conative innatism) internalism about reasons.
Newcomb's problem: one box or two boxes?Agnostic/undecided
Normative ethics: deontology, consequentialism, or virtue ethics?Accept: deontology
Perceptual experience: disjunctivism, qualia theory, representationalism, or sense-datum theory?Accept: disjunctivism
Personal identity: biological view, psychological view, or further-fact view?Accept an intermediate viewAccept a dual aspect view = biological continuity + psychological continuity as individually necessary conditions of personal ID
Politics: communitarianism, egalitarianism, or libertarianism?Accept an intermediate viewAccept Kantian universalist communitarianism + equality of consideration under the CI.
Proper names: Fregean or Millian?Accept: Millian
Science: scientific realism or scientific anti-realism?Accept an intermediate viewAccept manifest scientific realism & reject noumenal scientific realism.
Teletransporter (new matter): survival or death?Accept: death
Time: A-theory or B-theory?Accept an intermediate viewAccept both A & B series: A-series = egocentrically represented time, B-series = allocentrically represented time.
Trolley problem (five straight ahead, one on side track, turn requires switching, what ought one do?): switch or don't switch?Accept an intermediate viewAccept permissible but not obligatory to switch.
Truth: correspondence, deflationary, or epistemic?Accept: correspondence
Zombies: inconceivable, conceivable but not metaphysically possible, or metaphysically possible?Accept: conceivable but not metaphysically possible