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Born in Chicago USA in 1939, I earned MAs in philosophy and theology at the Aquinas Institute, River Forest IL / Dubuque IA in 1963 and 1967 respectively. Then, in 1967 I came to Tübingen, Germany, to do a doctorate in ecumentical ecclesiology under Prof. Hans Küng. Staying in Germany, I became a librarian in the university library, which enabled me to continue my research in cognitive psychology and its implications for science, philosophy, theology, and ethics, and to continue to work with Prof. Küng, especially in his Global Ethics Project.
My works
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  1. Thomas Riplinger (2003). The Psychology of Natural and Supernatural Knowledge According to St. Thomas Aquinas. [T. Riplinger?].
    The phenomenology of cognition according to Thomas Aquinas -- Experiential, conceptual and intuitive moments in the knowledge of faith -- Philosophia and sacra doctrina.
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