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  1. Hales (2014). The Origins of the Brain’s Endogenous Electromagnetic Field and its Relationship to Provision of Consciousness. Journal of Integrative Neuroscience 13 (2):313-361.
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  2. C. G. Hales (2014). The Revolutions of Scientific Structure. World Scientific.
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    Colin Hales (2011). On the Status of Computationalism as a Law of Nature. International Journal of Machine Consciousness 3 (01):55-89.
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    Colin Hales (2010). The Well-Tested Young Scientist. International Journal of Machine Consciousness 2 (1):35-39.
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  5. Colin Hales (2010). The Scientific Evidence of Qualia Meets the Qualia That Are Scientific Evidence. Psyche 16 (1):24-29.
    The ASSC has challenged student members to encounter and respond to a number of questions, one of which is: “ What kind of experiences are qualia? Qualia are usually described as the redness of red or the painfulness of pain. While most people would agree that qualia refer to the quality of subjective experiences, it is often difficult to judge whether less sensory aspects of experiences should be taken to accompany specific qualia. In order for the concept to be useful (...)
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    Colin Hales (2009). Dual Aspect Science. Journal of Consciousness Studies 16 (2-3):30-73..
    Our chronically impoverished explanatory capacity in respect of P-consciousness is highly suggestive of a problem with science itself, rather than its lack of acquisition of some particular knowledge. The hidden assumption built into science is that science itself is a completed human behaviour. Removal of this assumption is achieved through a simple revision to our science model which is constructed, outlined and named ‘dual aspect science’ (DAS). It is constructed with reference to existing science being ‘single aspect science’. DAS is (...)
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