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  • PhD, University of British Columbia, 2005.

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    Martin Godwyn & Andrew D. Irvine (2003). 5 Bertrand Russell's Logicism. In Nicholas Griffin (ed.), The Cambridge Companion to Bertrand Russell. Cambridge University Press. pp. 171.
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  2. M. Godwyn & A. D. Irvine (2001). BILETZKI, A. And MATAR, A.(Eds.)-The Story of Analytic Philosophy. Philosophical Books 42 (2):137-141.
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    Martin Godwyn, A Defence of Extended Cognitivism.
    This dissertation defends extended cognitivism: a recently emerging view in the philosophy of mind and cognitive science that claims that an individual's cognitive processes or states sometimes extend beyond the boundaries of their brain or their skin to include states and processes in the world. I begin the defence of this thesis through a background discussion of several foundational issues in cognitive science: the general character of cognitive behaviour and cognitive processes, as well as the nature and role of representation (...)
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