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I am currently a full-time lecturer in philosophy at North Dakota State University in Fargo, ND. Prior to that, I earned my PhD in philosophy at the State University of New York, Buffalo in 2014. My work is on ethics (particularly the concept of well-being), and the metaphysics of the human person. I also have interests in persistence, and the philosophy of time, as well as the philosophy of religion. My dissertation is on Four-dimensionalism and well-being.
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    David B. Hershenov & Adam P. Taylor (2014). Split Brains: No Headache for the Soul Theorist. Religious Studies 50 (4):487-503.
    Split brains that result in two simultaneous streams of consciousness cut off from each other are wrongly held to be grounds for doubting the existence of the divinely created soul. The mistake is based on two related errors: first, a failure to appreciate the soul's dependence upon neurological functioning; second, a fallacious belief that if the soul is simple, i.e. without parts, then there must be a unity to its thought, all of its thoughts being potentially accessible to reflection or (...)
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    A. P. Taylor (2013). The Frustrating Problem For Four-Dimensionalism. Philosophical Studies 165 (3):1097-1115.
    I argue that four-dimensionalism and the desire satisfaction account of well-being are incompatible. For every person whose desires are satisfied, there will be many shorter-lived individuals (‘person-stages’ or ‘subpersons’) who share the person’s desires but who do not exist long enough to see those desires satisfied; not only this, but in many cases their desires are frustrated so that the desires of the beings in whom they are embedded as proper temporal parts may be fulfilled. I call this the frustrating (...)
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    B. H. Kear, A. Taylor & P. L. Pratt (1959). Some Dislocation Interactions in Simple Ionic Crystals. Philosophical Magazine 4 (41):665-680.
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    A. Taylor & P. L. Pratt (1958). The Transient Conductivity Increase in Deformed Alkali Halides. Philosophical Magazine 3 (33):1051-1052.
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