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  • Faculty, Ball State University
  • PhD, University of Washington, 2012.

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I joined the faculty of Ball State University in fall of 2015, after 2 years as Assistant Professor at Colby-Sawyer College and 1 year as Visiting Assistant Professor at Fort Lewis College. I have a PhD in philosophy from the University of Washington and a BA in philosophy from Reed College. My research interests are in moral psychology and especially the morality of emotions (and other things that are not actions). I have taught courses in various subfields of ethics (including ethical theory, biomedical ethics, and environmental ethics), philosophies of feminism, philosophy of mind, and logic.
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    How We Hope: A Moral Psychology, by Adrienne M. Martin.Rachel Fredericks - 2016 - Mind 125 (499):906-909.
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    Review of Love and Its Objects: What Can We Care For? [REVIEW]Rachel Fredericks - 2016 - Hypatia Reviews Online:NA.
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    Courage as an Environmental Virtue.Rachel Fredericks - 2014 - Environmental Ethics 36 (3):339-355.
    We should give courage a more significant place in our understanding of how familiar virtues can and should be reshaped to capture what it is to be virtuous relative to the environment. Matthew Pianalto’s account of moral courage helps explain what a specifically environmental form of moral courage would look like. There are three benefits to be gained by recognizing courage as an environmental virtue: it helps us to recognize the high stakes nature of much environmental activism and to act (...)
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    Review of Christine Overall, Why Have Children? The Ethical Debate. [REVIEW]Rachel Fredericks - 2013 - Hypatia Reviews Online.
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    Sagoff on Ecosystems as Self-Organizing Systems.Rachel Fredericks - 2013 - Ethics, Policy and Environment 16 (3):258-261.
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    Troubling Others and Tormenting Ourselves: The Nature and Moral Significance of Jealousy.Rachel Fredericks - 2012 - Dissertation, University of Washington
    Jealousy is an emotion that arises in diverse circumstances and is experienced in phenomenologically diverse ways. In part because of this diversity, evaluations of jealous subjects tend to be conflicting and ambiguous. Thus philosophers who are interested in the moral status of jealousy face a challenge: to explain how, despite the diversity of jealous subjects and experiences of jealousy, our moral evaluations of those subjects in light of those experiences might be unified. In this project, I confront and respond to (...)
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