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    K. Allen & R. Williamson (1999). Should We Genetically Test Everyone for Haemochromatosis? Journal of Medical Ethics 25 (2):209-214.
    The increasing availability of DNA-based diagnostic tests has raised issues about whether these should be applied to the population at large in order to identify, treat or prevent a range of diseases. DNA tests raise concerns in the community for several reasons. There is the possibility of stigmatisation and discrimination between those who test positive and those who don't. High-risk individuals may be identified for whom no proven effective intervention is possible, or conversely may test "positive" for a disease that (...)
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    M. Dodson & R. Williamson (1999). Indigenous Peoples and the Morality of the Human Genome Diversity Project. Journal of Medical Ethics 25 (2):204-208.
    In addition to the aim of mapping and sequencing one human's genome, the Human Genome Project also intends to characterise the genetic diversity of the world's peoples. The Human Genome Diversity Project raises political, economic and ethical issues. These intersect clearly when the genomes under study are those of indigenous peoples who are already subject to serious economic, legal and/or social disadvantage and discrimination. The fact that some individuals associated with the project have made dismissive comments about indigenous peoples has (...)
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    R. Williamson (1999). Human Reproductive Cloning is Unethical Because It Undermines Autonomy: Commentary on Savulescu. Journal of Medical Ethics 25 (2):96-97.
  4. R. Williamson (1999). What's 'New' About 'Genetics'? Journal of Medical Ethics 25 (2):75-76.
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