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Nathan Coppedge is the author of Systems Theory and Grand-Unified Theories of Meaning: Ideas Gleaned from N-Dimensional Polyverses, as well as other books. His philosophy focuses on dimensional categories with epistemological or metaphysical implications, particularly 1-degree absolute knowledge and its extensions. He is a member of the founding chapter of the International Honor Society for Philosophy at Southern Connecticut State University. Contributions to coherent philosophy of language and programming include The Four Quarters of Knowledge and Assumptions of Coherentism / Categorical Deduction. Significant papers on Analytic Philosophy include The Methodology of Systems, Bulletin-points for Analytical Critique, Tiers of Reality, Demonstrations of Degree Absolutism, and The Ekphrasis. Contributions to classical philosophy include "Socratic Method / Socratic Thought", and "The Equal Arguments". Significant papers on the philosophy of logic and mathematics include THE LOGIC OF COHERENCE and Coherent Calculus.
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