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  • Postdoc, University of Porto
  • PhD, University of Porto, 2009.

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Coordinator, Porto X-Phi Lab | Associate Coordinator, Mind Language and Action Group, Institute of Philosophy, University of Porto | Assistant Professor, Faculty of Economics and Business Management, Portuguese Catholic University, Porto, Portugal. ( )
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    Paulo Sousa & Carlos Mauro (2013). The Evaluative Nature of the Folk Concepts of Weakness and Strength of Will. Philosophical Psychology 28 (4):487-509.
    This article examines the evaluative nature of the folk concepts of weakness and strength of will and hypothesizes that their evaluative nature is strongly connected to the folk concepts of blame and credit. We probed how people apply the concepts of weakness and strength of will to prototypical and non-prototypical scenarios. While regarding prototypical scenarios the great majority applied these concepts according to the predictions following from traditional philosophical analyses. When presented with non-prototypical scenarios, people were divided. Some, against traditional (...)
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