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Writer, social philosopher; director of Instituto de Neuroartes. I wrote 16 books published in Belgium, France, Canada, the U.S, México, and Chile. My last book Neuroartes, un laboratorio de ideas offers the fundamentals of the Neuroartes proposal.
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  1. Luc Delannoy (2015). Neuroartes: artes para la salud. Revista Del Hospital de Vina Del Mar 2015 (71 (3)):111-117.
    We introduce Neuroartes as a biological humanism that concentrates on the development of social interventions. We review several connections between art and the human body, mainly the brain. We suggest art, painting in the present case, as a tool to work with the elderly with cognitive and/or motor impairment for the purpose of helping them with their subjectivity and autonomy.
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    Luc Delannoy, Jana Stojanova & Tuillang Yuing (2014). Neuroartes: Entrevista. Revista Chilena de Salud Publica 18 (1):95-99.
    La Revista chilena de salud publica de la Universidad de Chile se interesa en la genesis de Neuroartes. Entrevista.
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