1. The Good: An Investigation Into the Relationships Among the Concepts of the Good, the Highest Good, Goodness, Final Goodness and Non-Instrumental Goodness.Daniel Rönnedal - 2020 - Synthesis Philosophica 35 (1):235–252.
    This paper is about The Good and its relation to various kinds of goodness. I will investigate what it means to say that something is a highest good, a final all-inclusive, complete, or greatest good, and I will consider some definitions of ‘instrumental’ and ‘non-instrumental’ goodness. I will prove several interesting theorems about The Good and explore some of the essential relationships between various kinds of goodness.
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    Review of From Bacteria to Bach and Back: The Evolution of Minds by Daniel C. Dennett. [REVIEW]Hane Htut Maung - 2020 - Synthesis Philosophica 35:267-270.
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