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    Copredication and Meaning Transfer.David Liebesman & Ofra Magidor - 2023 - Journal of Semantics 40 (1):69-91.
    Copredication occurs when a sentence receives a true reading despite prima facie ascribing categorically incompatible properties to a single entity. For example, ‘The red book is by Tolstoy’ can have a true reading even though it seems that being red is only a property of physical copies, while being by Tolstoy is only a property of informational texts. -/- A tempting strategy for resolving this tension is to claim that at least one of the predicates has a non-standard interpretation, with (...)
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    Metaphorical Uses of Proper Names and the Continuity Hypothesis.Jacob Hesse, Chris Genovesi & Eros Corazza - 2023 - Journal of Semantics.
    According to proponents of the continuity hypothesis, metaphors represent one end of a spectrum of linguistic phenomena, which includes various forms of loosening/broadening, such as category extensions and approximations, as well as hyperbolic interpretations. The continuity hypothesis is used to establish that the inferences derived from the set of linguistic expressions mentioned above result from the same or nearly similar pragmatic processes. In this paper, we want to challenge that particular aspect of the continuity hypothesis. We do so based on (...)
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