1.  8
    Review of Joe Panzner (2015), The Process That Is the World: Cage/Deleuze/Events/Performances. [REVIEW]Iain Campbell - 2018 - Deleuze and Guatarri Studies 12 (3):444-453.
  2.  17
    Resonance in Dhvani Aesthetics and the Deleuzian Logic of Sensation.Srajana Kaikini - 2018 - Deleuze and Guatarri Studies 12 (1):29-44.
    This paper undertakes an intersectional reading of visual art through theories of literary interpretation in Sanskrit poetics in close reading with Deleuze's notions of sensation. The concept of Dhvani – the Indian theory of suggestion which can be translated as resonance, as explored in the Rasa – Dhvani aesthetics offers key insights into understanding the mode in which sensation as discussed by Deleuze operates throughout his reflections on Francis Bacon's and Cézanne's works. The paper constructs a comparative framework to review (...)
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