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    Sovereign Nothingness: Pyotr Chaadaev's Political Theology.Kirill Chepurin & Alex Dubilet - 2019 - Theory and Event 22 (2):243-266.
    This paper speculatively reconstructs the unique intervention that Pyotr Chaadaev, the early nineteenth-century Russian thinker, made into the political-theological debate. Instead of positioning sovereignty and exception against each other, Chaadaev seeks to think the (Russian) exception immanently, affirming its nonrelation to, and even nullity or nothingness vis-à-vis, the (European, Christian-modern) world-historical regime—and to theorize the logic of sovereignty that could arise from within this nullity. As a result, we argue, nothingness itself becomes, in Chaadaev, operative through and as the sovereign (...)
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    Adorno, Badiou and the Politics of Breaking Out.Vangelis Giannakakis - 2019 - Theory and Event 22 (1):18-43.
    The present state of late capitalist society is, mutatis mutandis, eerily reminiscent of that criticized by Theodor W. Adorno more than half a century ago. Indeed, it was against this cultural, social and political backdrop that Adorno invited his students to stay confident in the prospects of a breakout [Ausbruch]. In this spirit, this paper looks into Adorno's notion of "breakout" and studies its relation to Badiou's theory of the event in an attempt to show that alternatives are still possible (...)
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