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    A Post-Culturalist Aesthetics? A Commentary on Davis's 'Visuality and Vision'.Jakub Stejskal - 2017 - Estetika 54 (2):267-276.
    A commentary on Whitney Davis's essay 'Visuality and Vision: Questions for a Post-culturalist Art History' published in the same issue of Estetika.
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    Aesthetic Supererogation.Alfred Archer & Lauren Ware - 2017 - Estetika 54 (New Series 10):102-116.
    Many aestheticians and ethicists are interested in the similarities and connections between aesthetics and ethics (Nussbaum 1990; Foot 2002; Gaut 2007). One way in which some have suggested the two domains are different is that in ethics there exist obligations while in aesthetics there do not (Hampshire 1954). However, Marcia Muelder Eaton has argued that there is good reason to think that aesthetic obligations do exist (Eaton 2008). We will explore the nature of these obligations by asking whether acts of (...)
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