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    Masks and Monsters: On the Transformative Power of Art.Marina Marren - 2018 - Pli 29:102-112.
    Drawing on texts in psychology, philosophy, and literature the paper argues that art avails us of a distance from ourselves. Art has a potential to change our perspective on monstrosity and to make us question our moral categories and presuppositions. The study focuses on a single painting by Paul Gavarni, Two Pierrots Looking into a Box (1852), which I have discovered holds two images in one representation. I turn to Gavarni's work in order to prompt a literal gestalt shift in (...)
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  2. Fichte’s Ideas on God and Immortality (translation).Chiu Yui Plato Tse & Rory L. Phillips - 2018 - Pli 29:185-197.
    This short piece is collected in the complete edition of Fichte's works published by the Bavarian Academy of Sciences (1964-2012), IV/1, pp. 153-167. According to the editors' foreword, it first appeared anonymously as part of a pamphlet titled "Something from Professor Fichte and for him. Published by a veracious schoolmaster" in 1799 in Bayreuth as a response to the so-called atheism dispute, which eventually cost Fichte his chair in Jena. This translation concerns a part appended to the pamphlet which is (...)
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    The Implicative Dimension of Time: from Bergson’s Duration to Deleuze’s Virtuality.Florian Vermeiren - 2018 - Pli 29.
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