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    Theoretics and Systematics: A Reply to Cracraft, Nelson, and Patterson.David B. Kitts - 1978 - Systematic Zoology 27 (2):222-224.
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    Vicariant Patterns and Historical Explanation in Biogeography.Donn E. Rosen - 1978 - Systematic Zoology 27:159-188.
    Geographic coincidence of animal and plant distributions to form recognizable patterns suggests that the separate components of the patterns are historically connected with each other and with geographic history. To seek evidence of these historical connections, cladograms of geographic areas, representing sequences of disruptive geologic, climatic, or geographic events, may be compared with biological cladograms, representing sequences of allopatric speciation events in relation to those geographic areas. Such comparisons, when they meet the minimum requirements of being among dichotomized threetaxon cladograms, (...)
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    The Evolutionary Species Concept Reconsidered.E. O. Wiley - 1978 - Systematic Zoology 27:17-26.
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