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    An Argument Against Welfare Rights.Peter Bornschein - 2023 - Reason Papers 43 (1):261-274.
  2.  11
    Kantian Humility and Randian Hubris?Marc Champagne - 2023 - Reason Papers 43 (1):53–69.
  3.  38
    Aristotle and Natural Rights Revisited.David Riesbeck - 2023 - Reason Papers 43 (1):133-159.
    Part of a Festschrift for Fred Miller, this essay reconsiders Miller's interpretation of Aristotle in terms of natural rights. After defending Miller against his numerous critics, I draw a somewhat different lesson from his interpretation than he himself does: Miller helps us to see that an Aristotelian theory of justice can do all the work that we would reasonably want a theory of rights to do while avoiding significant problems that the idiom and rhetoric of rights tend to generate.
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