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  1. André Bazzoni (forthcoming). Philosophical Foundations of Partial Belief Models. Cognitive Systems Research.
    This paper is an attempt to put forward a new kind of partial model for representing belief states. I first introduce some philosophical motivations for working with partial models. Then, I present the standard (total) model proposed by Hintikka, and the partial models studied by Humberstone and Holliday. I then show how to reduce Hintikka’s semantics in order to obtain a partial model which, however, differs from Humberstone’s and Holliday’s. The nature of such differences is assessed, and I provide motivations (...)
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    Leslie Marsh & Margery Doyle (forthcoming). Stigmergy 3.0: From Ants to Economies. Cognitive Systems Research.
    The editors introduce the themed issue “stigmergy 3.0”.
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