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Forthcoming articles
  1. Markus Christen, Mark Alfano & Brian Robinson (forthcoming). A Multi-Modal, Cross-Cultural Study of the Semantics of Intellectual Humility. AI and Society.
    Intellectual humility can be broadly construed as being conscious of the limits of one’s existing knowledge and capable to acquire more knowledge, which makes it a key virtue of the information age. However, the claim “I am (intellectually) humble” seems paradoxical in that someone who has the disposition in question would not typically volunteer it. There is an explanatory gap between the meaning of the sentence and the meaning the speaker ex- presses by uttering it. We therefore suggest analyzing intellectual (...)
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    Steffen Steinert (forthcoming). Technology is a Laughing Matter: Bergson, the Comic and Technology. AI and Society.
    There seems to be no connection between philosophy of humor and the philosophy of technology. In this paper, I want to make the case that there is. I will pursue a twofold goal in this paper: First, I will take an account from one of the seminal figures in the philosophy of humor, Henri Bergson, and bring out its merits for a philosophy of technology. Bergson has never been fully appreciated as a philosopher of technology. I will fill this gap (...)
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    Stuart Armstrong, Nick Bostrom & Carl Shulman (forthcoming). Racing to the Precipice: A Model of Artificial Intelligence Development. AI and Society.
  4.  20
    Nasim Ashrafi & Mohammad Naghizadeh (forthcoming). Clarifying the Interaction Between Ideas and Architectural Works in the Achaemenid Era. AI and Society.
  5.  22
    Babette Babich (forthcoming). Heidegger on Technology and Gelassenheit: Wabi-Sabi and the Art of Verfallenheit. AI and Society.
  6.  20
    Rebecca Bendick & Albert Borgmann (forthcoming). Explanation in Philosophy and the Limits of Precision. AI and Society.
  7.  9
    Albert Borgmann (forthcoming). The Force of Wilderness Within the Ubiquity of Cyberspace. AI and Society.
  8.  9
    Marina N. Bychkova & Gulnafist A. Okushova (forthcoming). Methods of Analysis of a Modern University’s Presence in the Internet Communicative Space. AI and Society.
  9.  14
    Manjari Chakrabarty (forthcoming). A Philosophical Study of Human–Artefact Interaction. AI and Society.
  10.  11
    Alan Cottey (forthcoming). Openness and Stability. AI and Society.
  11.  10
    Nick Degens, Birgit Endrass, Gert Jan Hofstede, Adrie Beulens & Elisabeth André (forthcoming). ‘What I See is Not What You Get’: Why Culture-Specific Behaviours for Virtual Characters Should Be User-Tested Across Cultures. AI and Society.
  12.  7
    Pavan Duggal (forthcoming). #Cyberlaw: Global Trends in 2014. AI and Society.
  13.  8
    Paul T. Durbin (forthcoming). Brain Research and the Social Self in a Technological Culture. AI and Society.
  14.  9
    Paul T. Durbin (forthcoming). Albert Borgmann: Real American Ethics: Taking Responsibility for Our Country. AI and Society.
  15.  10
    Jan Kyrre Berg Olsen Friis (forthcoming). Gestalt Descriptions Embodiments and Medical Image Interpretation. AI and Society.
  16.  8
    Siby K. George (forthcoming). Bernhard Irrgang: Handling Technical Power: Philosophy of Technology. AI and Society.
  17.  9
    Siby K. George (forthcoming). Total Enframing: Global South and Techno-Developmental Orthodoxy. AI and Society.
  18.  11
    Ulf Gerhardt, Rüdiger Breitschwerdt & Oliver Thomas (forthcoming). Engineering Sustainable mHealth: The Role of Action Research. AI and Society.
  19.  16
    Karamjit S. Gill (forthcoming). Erratum To: Artificial Super Intelligence: Beyond Rhetoric. AI and Society.
  20.  11
    Karamjit S. Gill (forthcoming). Artificial Supper Intelligence: Beyond Rhetoric. AI and Society.
  21.  9
    Andrey P. Glukhov (forthcoming). Construction of National Identity Through a Social Network: A Case Study of Ethnic Networks of Immigrants to Russia From Central Asia. AI and Society.
  22.  9
    Peter P. Groumpos (forthcoming). Overview of the Triangle of Knowledge: A Driving Force for Sustainable Growth in Less Developed Nations. AI and Society.
  23.  9
    Béatrice S. Hasler, Oren Salomon, Peleg Tuchman, Amir Lev-Tov & Doron Friedman (forthcoming). Real-Time Gesture Translation in Intercultural Communication. AI and Society.
  24.  11
    M. A. Hersh (forthcoming). Engineers and the Other: The Role of Narrative Ethics. AI and Society.
  25.  11
    Norbert Jesse (forthcoming). Communities: With Open-Source Software Towards a Vivacious Civil Society. AI and Society.
  26.  10
    Natalya A. Karnaukhova & Ekaterina V. Polyanskaya (forthcoming). Communication and Reputation as Essentials for the Positioning of an Organization. AI and Society.
  27.  1
    Gagan Deep Kaur (forthcoming). Cognitive Bearing of Techno-Advances in Kashmiri Carpet Designing. AI and Society.
  28.  8
    Larisa P. Kazakova (forthcoming). Visual Representation of Realities with Different Ontological Status in Contemporary Primers and ABC Books. AI and Society.
  29.  7
    Peter Khooshabeh, Morteza Dehghani, Angela Nazarian & Jonathan Gratch (forthcoming). The Cultural Influence Model: When Accented Natural Language Spoken by Virtual Characters Matters. AI and Society.
  30.  9
    Natalia Kobza, Torben Schaefer, Robert Glawar & Dietrich Brandt (forthcoming). How Can We Learn Leadership? The Vision of the Europe-Wide University. AI and Society.
  31.  10
    Tomoko Koda & Zsofia Ruttkay (forthcoming). Eloquence of Eyes and Mouth of Virtual Agents: Cultural Study of Facial Expression Perception. AI and Society.
  32.  7
    Brigitte Krenn, Stephanie Schreitter & Friedrich Neubarth (forthcoming). Speak to Me and I Tell You Who You Are! A Language-Attitude Study in a Cultural-Heritage Application. AI and Society.
  33.  9
    Irina P. Kuzheleva-Sagan & Natalya A. Suchkova (forthcoming). Designing Trust in the Internet Services. AI and Society.
  34.  10
    Marilena Kyriakidou (forthcoming). Auto-Catastrophic Theory: The Necessity of Self-Destruction for the Formation, Survival, and Termination of Systems. AI and Society.
  35.  11
    Hans Lenk (forthcoming). Ethics of Responsibilities Distributions in a Technological Culture. AI and Society.
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    Giuseppe Longo (forthcoming). The Web and its Sorceries. AI and Society.
  37.  12
    George F. Luger & Chayan Chakrabarti (forthcoming). From Alan Turing to Modern AI: Practical Solutions and an Implicit Epistemic Stance. AI and Society.
  38.  8
    Jieting Luo & John-Jules Meyer (forthcoming). A Formal Account of Opportunism Based on the Situation Calculus. AI and Society.
  39.  11
    Raghunath Anant Mashelkar (forthcoming). Impact of Science, Technology and Innovation on the Economic and Political Power. AI and Society.
  40.  10
    Iryna V. Matsyshyna (forthcoming). Body-Centrism in Advertising Texts, or How We Are Inured to Pain. AI and Society.
  41.  8
    Mihaela Mecea (forthcoming). Training in Intercultural Mediation in a Multicultural University: Contributions for Fostering International Stability. AI and Society.
  42.  18
    Emma I. Meshcheryakova & Anastasia V. Larionova (forthcoming). Fractal Computer Visualization in Psychological Research. AI and Society.
  43.  10
    A. Naji & M. Ramdani (forthcoming). Toward a Better Self-Regulation: Degree of Certainty Through Fuzzy Logic in a Formative Assessment. AI and Society.
  44.  10
    Ephraim Nissan (forthcoming). Digital Technologies and Artificial Intelligence’s Present and Foreseeable Impact on Lawyering, Judging, Policing and Law Enforcement. AI and Society.
  45.  10
    Elnaz Nouri, Kallirroi Georgila & David Traum (forthcoming). Culture-Specific Models of Negotiation for Virtual Characters: Multi-Attribute Decision-Making Based on Culture-Specific Values. AI and Society.
  46.  11
    John Organ & Larry Stapleton (forthcoming). Technologist Engagement with Risk Management Practices During Systems Development? Approaches, Effectiveness and Challenges. AI and Society.
  47.  8
    Sang Chul Park (forthcoming). Growth Strategy for Finnish Science Parks Under External Economic Crises. AI and Society.
  48.  8
    G. Piro, S. Signorello, M. R. Palattella, L. A. Grieco, G. Boggia & T. Engel (forthcoming). Understanding the Social Impact of ICN: Between Myth and Reality. AI and Society.
  49.  10
    Pedro Ponce, Kenneth Polasko & Arturo Molina (forthcoming). Technology Transfer Motivation Analysis Based on Fuzzy Type 2 Signal Detection Theory. AI and Society.
  50.  10
    G. Ramchandran, J. Nagawkar, K. Ramaswamy, S. Ghosh, A. Goenka & A. Verma (forthcoming). Assessing Environmental Impacts of Aviation on Connected Cities Using Environmental Vulnerability Studies and Fluid Dynamics: An Indian Case Study. AI and Society.
  51.  8
    Kathleen Richardson (forthcoming). S. P. Gill: Tacit Engagement: Beyond Interaction. AI and Society.
  52.  13
    Huma Shah & Kevin Warwick (forthcoming). Machine Humour: Examples From Turing Test Experiments. AI and Society.
  53.  9
    Porfírio Silva (forthcoming). Human, Machines, and the Interpretation of Formal Systems. AI and Society.
  54.  17
    Gokul Somasekharan (forthcoming). Bernhard Irrgang: Critics of Technological Lifeworld, Collection of Philosophical Essays. AI and Society.
  55.  8
    Amy Stapleton, Mihaela Mecea & Lulzim Beqiri (forthcoming). The European Union’s Contributions to International Stability: The Role of Education and Study Mobilities. AI and Society.
  56.  12
    Michael Szollosy (forthcoming). Freud, Frankenstein and Our Fear of Robots: Projection in Our Cultural Perception of Technology. AI and Society.
  57.  11
    Arun Kumar Tripathi (forthcoming). Culture of Sedimentation in the Human–Technology Interaction. AI and Society.
  58.  11
    Arun Kumar Tripathi (forthcoming). Erratum To: Culture of Sedimentation in the Human–Technology Interaction. AI and Society.
  59.  19
    Phil Turner (forthcoming). Presence: Is It Just Pretending? AI and Society.
  60.  10
    Kevin Warwick & Huma Shah (forthcoming). The Importance of a Human Viewpoint on Computer Natural Language Capabilities: A Turing Test Perspective. AI and Society.
  61.  15
    Jeffrey White (forthcoming). Simulation, Self-Extinction, and Philosophy in the Service of Human Civilization. AI and Society.
  62. S. Daniel (forthcoming). Database Aesthetics: Issues of Organization and Category in Online Art. AI and Society.
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  63. I. Lytie (forthcoming). Software as Multimedia Text: Design of Open Multimedia Systems. AI and Society.
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  64. J. Nilsson (forthcoming). Designing Artefacts for Learning. AI and Society.
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