Forthcoming articles
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    Michael Schippers (forthcoming). Bayesian Coherentism]Bayesian Coherentism and the Problem of Measure Sensitivity. Logic Journal of the IGPL:jzw028.
  2.  2
    Rafael Álvarez & Antonio Zamora (forthcoming). Randomness Analysis and Generation of Key-Derived s-Boxes. Logic Journal of the IGPL:jzv044.
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    Selene Arfini & Lorenzo Magnani (forthcoming). Cognitive Autoimmunity Knowledge, Ignorance and Self-Deception. Logic Journal of the IGPL:jzw016.
  4.  1
    Grigoriy V. Bokov (forthcoming). Undecidable Problems for Propositional Calculi with Implication. Logic Journal of the IGPL:jzw013.
  5.  2
    Grigoriy V. Bokov (forthcoming). On the Number of Variables in Undecidable Superintuitionistic Propositional Calculi. Logic Journal of the IGPL:jzw018.
  6.  3
    Stefano Bonzio, Ivan Chajda & Antonio Ledda (forthcoming). Representing Quantum Structures as Near Semirings. Logic Journal of the IGPL:jzw031.
  7.  2
    Enrico Cambiaso, Gianluca Papaleo, Giovanni Chiola & Maurizio Aiello (forthcoming). Mobile Executions of Slow DoS Attacks. Logic Journal of the IGPL:jzv043.
  8.  9
    Sam Carter (forthcoming). Probability Judgements About Indicative Conditionals: An Erotetic Theory. Logic Journal of the IGPL:jzw030.
  9.  3
    Claudia Casadio (forthcoming). Reasoning Logically in Cognitive Domains. Logic Journal of the IGPL:jzw020.
  10.  3
    Wenjuan Chen & Bijan Davvaz (forthcoming). Some Classes of Quasi-Pseudo-MV Algebras. Logic Journal of the IGPL:jzw034.
  11.  2
    V. Michele Drury (forthcoming). Analytic and Synthetic in Logic. Logic Journal of the IGPL:jzw015.
  12.  2
    A. Fuentes Rodríguez, L. Hernández Encinas, A. Martín Muñoz & B. Alarcos Alcázar (forthcoming). Design and Optimization of the Input Modules of a DPA Toolbox. Logic Journal of the IGPL:jzv041.
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    Patxi Galán-GarcÍa, José Gaviria De La Puerta, Carlos Laorden Gómez, Igor Santos & Pablo García Bringas (forthcoming). Supervised Machine Learning for the Detection of Troll Profiles in Twitter Social Network: Application to a Real Case of Cyberbullying. Logic Journal of the IGPL:jzv048.
  14.  3
    Marco Giunti & Simone Pinna (forthcoming). For a Dynamical Approach to Human Computation. Logic Journal of the IGPL:jzw023.
  15.  2
    S. González, Á Herrero, J. Sedano, Urko Zurutuza & E. Corchado (forthcoming). Different Approaches for the Detection of SSH Anomalous Connections. Logic Journal of the IGPL:jzv047.
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    Álvaro Herrero, Bruno Baruque, Ajith Abraham, André C. P. L. F. de Carvalho, Pablo García Bringas, Héctor Quintián & Emilio Corchado (forthcoming). Editorial: Special Issue CISIS13-IGPL. Logic Journal of the IGPL:jzv040.
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    Lorenzo Magnani (forthcoming). Naturalizing the Logic of Abduction. Logic Journal of the IGPL:jzw024.
  18.  2
    Sérgio Marcelino & Carlos Caleiro (forthcoming). Decidability and Complexity of Fibred Logics Without Shared Connectives. Logic Journal of the IGPL:jzw033.
  19.  2
    J. Molina-Gil, P. Caballero-Gil, C. Caballero-Gil & A. Fúster-Sabater (forthcoming). Software Implementation of the SNOW 3G Generator on iOS and Android Platforms. Logic Journal of the IGPL:jzv042.
  20.  2
    Alberto Peinado, Andrés Ortiz & Guillermo Cotrina (forthcoming). Content-Based Image Authentication Using Sparse Features and SOM Trajectories. Logic Journal of the IGPL:jzv039.
  21.  4
    Mario Piazza & Gabriele Pulcini (forthcoming). Uniqueness of Axiomatic Extensions of Cut-Free Classical Propositional Logic. Logic Journal of the IGPL:jzw032.
  22.  2
    Camelia-M. Pintea, Petrică C. Pop & Ioana Zelina (forthcoming). Denial Jamming Attacks on Wireless Sensor Network Using Sensitive Agents. Logic Journal of the IGPL:jzv046.
  23.  2
    Daniele Porello (forthcoming). Single-Peakedness and Semantic Dimensions of Preferences. Logic Journal of the IGPL:jzw026.
  24.  2
    Gemma Robles & José M. Méndez (forthcoming). A Companion to Brady's 4-Valued Relevant Logic BN4: The 4-Valued Logic of Entailment E4. Logic Journal of the IGPL:jzw011.
  25.  2
    Chiaki Sakama & Katsumi Inoue (forthcoming). Abduction, Conversational Implicature and Misleading in Human Dialogues. Logic Journal of the IGPL:jzw027.
  26.  4
    Ari Saptawijaya & Luís Moniz Pereira (forthcoming). Logic Programming for Modeling Morality. Logic Journal of the IGPL:jzw025.
  27.  5
    Gerhard Schurz (forthcoming). Common Cause Abduction: The Formation of Theoretical Concepts and Models in Science. Logic Journal of the IGPL:jzw029.
  28.  2
    D. Ventura, Aitor Gómez-Goiri, V. Catania, Diego López-de-Ipiña, J. A. M. Naranjo & L. G. Casado (forthcoming). Security Analysis and Resource Requirements of Group-Oriented User Access Control for Hardware-Constrained Wireless Network Services. Logic Journal of the IGPL:jzv045.
  29.  2
    John Woods (forthcoming). Does Changing the Subject From A to B Really Provide an Enlarged Understanding of A? Logic Journal of the IGPL:jzw017.
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  30. C. Areces, E. Franconi, R. Goré, M. de Rijke & H. Schlingloff (forthcoming). Methods for Modalities 1, Volume 8 (3). Logic Journal of the IGPL.
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  31. Wesley Calvert (forthcoming). On Three Notions of Effective Computation Over R. Logic Journal of the IGPL.
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  32. Emiliano Lorini, Andreas Herzig, France Jomi F. Hübner & Laurent Vercouter (forthcoming). A Logic of Trust and Reputation. Logic Journal of the IGPL.
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