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    Nature and Technology in Modern Childbirth: A Phenomenological Interpretation.Dana S. Belu - 2012 - Techne 16 (1):3-14.
    Abstract: This paper provides a phenomenological interpretation of technological and natural childbirth. By using Heidegger’s ontology of technology to think about childbirth I argue that these two types of contemporary childbirth present us with a false dilemma as both reflect the same norms Heidegger associates with modernity, namely order, control, and efficiency. The paper briefly explains Heidegger’s concept of the enframing as the essence of the technological age while focusing on how it helps us to avoid falling into a technophilic (...)
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  2. Introduction: Feminism, Autonomy, and Reproductive Technology.Dana S. Belu, Sylvia Burrow & Elizabeth Soliday - 2012 - Techne 16 (1):1-2.
    This introduction presents the converging points of view (including those from continental philosophy, analytic philosophy, psychology and sociology) on issues regarding reproductive technologies, especially as they relate to childbirth.
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    Reproductive Autonomy and Reproductive Technology.Sylvia Burrow - 2012 - Techne 16 (1):31-45.
    This paper presents a relational account of autonomy showing that a technological imperative impedes autonomy through undermining women’s capacity to resist use of technology in the context of labor and birth. A technological imperative encourages dependence on technology for reassurance whenever possible through creating a (i) separation of maternal and fetal interests; and (ii) perceived need to use technology whenever possible. In response I offer an account of how women might promote autonomy through cultivating self-trust and self-confidence. Autonomy is not (...)
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    La cessione del patrimonio immobiliare pubblico: la riconversione dei siti militari.Riccardo Pollo - 2012 - Techne 3 (3):216-223.
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    Politecnico di Torino, Dipartimento di Architettura e Design-Profilo.Riccardo Pollo - 2012 - Techne 3 (3):367-368.
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