1. David Chalmers (2012). The Varieties of Computation: A Reply. Journal of Cognitive Science 2012 (3):211-248.
  2. Antoni Gomila & Vincent C. Müller (2012). Challenges for Artificial Cognitive Systems. Journal of Cognitive Science 13 (4):452-469.
    The declared goal of this paper is to fill this gap: “... cognitive systems research needs questions or challenges that define progress. The challenges are not (yet more) predictions of the future, but a guideline to what are the aims and what would constitute progress.” – the quotation being from the project description of EUCogII, the project for the European Network for Cognitive Systems within which this formulation of the ‘challenges’ was originally developed ( So, we stick out our neck (...)
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  3. Frances Egan (2012). Metaphysics and Computational Cognitive Science: Let's Not Let the Tail Wag the Dog. Journal of Cognitive Science 13:39-49.
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