1. Kant on Consciousness in Animals.Patrick R. Leland - 2018 - Studi Kantiani 31:75-107.
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  2. Three Objections Against Phenomenalist Interpretations of Kant Defeated.Michael Oberst - 2018 - Studi Kantiani 31:119-136.
    Many passages in Kant’s texts suggest that he is a phenomenalist about appearances, i.e., that appearances are only part of our mental content and do not exist outside our mind. In recent years, however, phenomenalist readings of Kant’s idealism have been of ill repute. Without wanting to make a positive case for phenomenalism, this paper attempts to rebut three particularly popular objections to any phenomenalist reading. In slogan form, they are 1) «There is only prima facie evidence», 2) «Kant is (...)
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