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    Self-knowledge and the problem of existence.Dietmar Heidemann - 2023 - Studi Kantiani 35.
    In his book Kant and the Problem of Self-Knowledge (New York, Abingdon: Routledge 2019, 214 pages) Luca Forgione argues that the semantic, epistemic and metaphysical analysis of Kant’s theory of self-knowledge is possible within the frame of a merely formal understanding of ‘I’. Although the author shows that for Kant self-knowledge is in fact knowledge of a formal thinking subject, there remains the difficulty that the formal analysis of self-knowledge entails the existence claim about the transcendental apperception. This claim is (...)
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  2. Review: Kant's Justification of Ethics, by Owen Ware. [REVIEW]Jessica Tizzard - 2023 - Studi Kantiani 35:221-224.
    Review of Ware, O, "Kant's Justification of Ethics," Oxford University Press, 2021, 176 pages.
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