1. Amir Dastmalchian (2011). Review of Political Islam, Iran, and the Enlightenment: Philosophies of Hope and Despair by Ali Mirsepassi, 2011. [REVIEW] AMERICAN JOURNAL OF ISLAMIC SOCIAL SCIENCES 28 (3):148-150.
  2. M. Ashraf Adeel (2011). Modernity and Muslims: Towards a Selective Retrieval. AMERICAN JOURNAL OF ISLAMIC SOCIAL SCIENCES 28 (1).
    This article is focused on some conditions in today’s world of globalized media, which are producing either an uncritical acquiescence or fright in Muslim societies as a result of the interaction between these societies and the contemporary Western powers that represent modernity and postmodernity on the global stage. The rise of fundamentalism, a tendency toward returning to the roots and stringently insisting upon some pure and literal interpretation of them, in almost all the religions of the world is a manifestation (...)
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