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    An event-without-witness: a Nietzschean theory of the digital will to power as the will to temporalize.Talha Can Issevenler - 2022 - The Agonist : A Nietzsche Circle Journal 16 (2):83-93.
    This article offers a Nietzschean theory of digital will to power to conceptualize the temporality of social media feeds run by algorithms. Stylistic and methodological temporalities of Nietzsche are discussed as well as their influence in subsequent social theory of political technologies. The paradox of heavy investment in both subjective expression and nonhuman temporalization in social media milieus is addressed with the concept of an event-without-witness drawn from Nietzsche’s account of himself as the solitary thinker of catastrophe of nihilism and (...)
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  2. “Anas Karzai, Nietzsche and Sociology: Prophet of Affirmation” (Rowman and Littlefield, 2019). [REVIEW]Vasfi Onur Özen - 2022 - The Agonist : A Nietzsche Circle Journal 16 (1):53–58.
    In Nietzsche and Sociology: Prophet of Affirmation, Anas Karzai attempts to revive and defend the thesis that there is a crucial yet neglected connection between Nietzsche and sociology. In particular, Karzai’s book discusses the relevance of Nietzsche’s critical reflections on society and culture to modern sociological theory, which descends from Kant and Comte through Marx and Engels to Durkheim and Weber. The book has a critical agenda as well. By making use of Nietzsche’s insights into society, culture, and politics, Karzai (...)
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