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    Peter Auriol on Connotative Distinction and His Criticism of Scotus’s Formal Distinction.Giacomo Fornasieri - 2018 - Documenti E Studi Sulla Tradizione Filosofica Medievale 29:231-274.
    The aim of this paper is to outline Peter Auriol’s theory of connotative distinction as applied to the divine attributes and his criticism of Scotus’s formal distinction, as well. He mainly tackles this issue in two important texts : his Scriptum I, dist. 8, q. 3 and his Quodlibet q. 1. Although Auriol takes into account the opinions of various scholars on the matter, Scotus plays the role of the main debater in both texts. Accordingly, the rst part of this (...)
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  2. Essenza ed essere secondo Pietro Aureoli.Chiara Paladini - 2018 - Documenti E Studi Sulla Tradizione Filosofica Medievale 29:275-352.
    This study is aimed to investigate Peter Auriol’s theory of the distinction between being and essence. Late medieval Realists considered being and essence as two constitutive principles of the singular things; the former concerned the actual existence of the thing, the latter its nature or quiddity and was expressed by the definition of the thing. Auriol denies that the distinction between being and essence is a distinction between two ontological elements that taken together give rise to the singular things. Instead, (...)
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