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    Leibniz’s Vectorial Model of Rational Decision-Making and Bounded Rationality.Markku Roinila - 2023 - Rivista di Filosofia 2023 (1):13-34.
    G. W. Leibniz developed a new model for rational decision-making which is suited to complicated decisions, where goods do not rule each other out, but compete with each other. In such cases the deliberator has to consider all of the goods and pick the ones that contribute most to the desired goal which in Leibniz’s system is ultimately the advancement of universal perfection. The inclinations to particular goods can be seen as vectors leading to different directions much like forces in (...)
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    The quest for rigour in early analytic philosophy.Hans-Johann Glock - 2023 - Rivista di Filosofia 114 (3):589-614.
    This article is devoted to the historical roots of the quest for rigor associated with analytic philosophy. Starting out from distinctions between different senses of “rigourµ, it considers the rather diverse conceptions and pursuits of rigour in Frege, Russell, Moore, Wittgenstein and Carnap. On that basis it diagnoses a potential conflict that some of them were aware of, but that has been ignored by recent commentators, namely between certain kinds of rigour on the hand, clarity and surveyability on the other. (...)
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