1.  78
    What Is the Question to Which Anti-Natalism Is the Answer?Nicholas Smyth - 2020 - Ethical Theory and Moral Practice 23:1-17.
    The ethics of biological procreation has received a great deal of attention in recent years. Yet, as I show in this paper, much of what has come to be called procreative ethics is conducted in a strangely abstract, impersonal mode, one which stands little chance of speaking to the practical perspectives of any prospective parent. In short, the field appears to be flirting with a strange sort of practical irrelevance, wherein its verdicts are answers to questions that no-one is asking. (...)
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  2.  8
    Mary Midgley: What is Philosophy For? [REVIEW]Andrea Boudin - 2020 - Ethical Theory and Moral Practice:1-3.
    A book review of Mary Midgley’s last book ‘What is Philosophy for?’, in which Midgley frames the role, scope and limitations of philosophy as an academic discipline, and sets philosophy into relation with contemporary problems of scientific research, such as scientism and its context-blindness, mythicism in regard to the mind/matter problem and hubristic claims about the exhaustiveness of a materialistic worldview.
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  3.  83
    How to (Dis)Solve the Gamer’s Dilemma.Erick Jose Ramirez - 2020 - Ethical Theory and Moral Practice:1-21.
    The Gamer's Dilemma challenges us to find a distinction between virtual murder and virtual pedophilia. Without such a distinction, we are forced to conclude that either both are morally acceptable or that both should be morally illicit. This paper argues that the best way to solve the dilemma is, in one sense, to dissolve it. The Gamer's Dilemma rests on a misunderstanding in the sense that it does not distinguish between the form of a simulation and its surface content. A (...)
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