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  1. The Concept of Experience in Husserl's Phenomenology and James' Radical Empiricism.Andrea Pace Giannotta - 2018 - Pragmatism Today 9 (2):33-42.
    In this paper, I develop a comparison between the philosophies of Husserl and James in relation to their concepts of experience. Whereas various authors have acknowledged the affinity between James’ early psychology and Husserl’s phenomenology, the late development of James’ philosophy is often considered in opposition to Husserl’s transcendental phenomenology. This is because James’ radical empiricism achieves a non-dual dimension of experience that precedes the functional division into subject and object, thus contrasting with the phenomenological analysis of the dual structure (...)
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  2. The Soma in City Life: Cultural, Political and Bodily Aesthetics of Mandalay’s Water Festival.Matthew Crippen - 2018 - Pragmatism Today 9:29-40.
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    Immediacy and Experience in Wittgenstein's Notion of "Imponderable Evidence".Anna Boncompagni - 2018 - Pragmatism Today 2 (9):94-106.
    The subject of this paper is the notion of 'imponderable evidence', employed on a few occasions by the later Wittgenstein. Our perception of others' feelings, thoughts and emotions, Wittgenstein observes, is ordinarily guided by an imponderable evidence, which, while remaining unmeasurable and ultimately ungraspable, gives us access to an immediate-yet fallible-form of understanding. This understanding, I will argue, is essentially qualitative. Section 1 of the paper introduces the issue through the examination of some remarks on how our attitude towards living (...)
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  4. Introduction: On Some Varieties of Immediate Experience - Between Wittgenstein and Pragmatism.Anna Boncompagni & Roberta Dreon - 2018 - Pragmatism Today 2 (9):5-8.
    Introduction to the Special Issue "Varieties of Immediate Experience: Between Wittgenstein and Pragmatism".
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