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    The Scaling of Speeds and Distances in Galileo's Two New Sciences: A Reply to Palmerino and Laird.John D. Norton - 2012 - Centaurus 54 (2):182-191.
    In this reply, we respond to the comments of Palmerino and Laird on our article, "Galileo's Refutation of the Speed Distance Law of Fall Rehabilitated," published in the same issue of Centaurus.
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    Galileo's Refutation of the Speed-Distance Law of Fall Rehabilitated.John D. Norton & Bryan W. Roberts - 2012 - Centaurus 54 (2):148-164.
    Galileo's refutation of the speed-distance law of fall in his Two New Sciences is routinely dismissed as a moment of confused argumentation. We urge that Galileo's argument correctly identified why the speed-distance law is untenable, failing only in its very last step. Using an ingenious combination of scaling and self-similarity arguments, Galileo found correctly that bodies, falling from rest according to this law, fall all distances in equal times. What he failed to recognize in the last step is that this (...)
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