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  1. Tajemnica widzialności w rozważaniach o sztuce Maurice’a Merleau-Ponty’ego.Andrzej Krawiec - 2018 - Kwartalnik Filozoficzny 46 (4):23-47.
    In his late works, Maurice Merleau-Ponty attempts to show the direction for the development of a new phenomenology. While analysing the intertwining of the visible and the invisible, he raises a question about the way we participate in Being. For Merleau-Ponty, experiencing a work of art is a representative example of our participation in the flesh (la chair). This article will analyse the broadly understood idea of visibility in art and its ability to transcend its apparent aesthetics into its invisible (...)
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  2. Zależność kontekstowa w paradygmacie semantyki kompozycyjnej.Krystian Bogucki - 2018 - Kwartalnik Filozoficzny 46 (3):25 - 48.
    The Principle of Compositionality is the principle stating that the meaning of an expression is a function of (and only of) the meanings of its parts together with the method by which those parts are combined. The paper concerns the relationship between this principle and the phenomenon of context dependence. In a compositional language, it seems, the meaning of an expression depends upon the meanings of its parts in a bottom-up fashion, so some philosophers (e.g. Fodor&Lepore) argued that compositionality places (...)
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