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    Christoph Mulert, Elisabeth Menzinger, Gregor Leicht, Oliver Pogarell & Ulrich Hegerl (2005). Evidence for a Close Relationship Between Conscious Effort and Anterior Cingulate Cortex Activity. International Journal of Psychophysiology 56 (1):65-80.
  2. Rajendra D. Badgaiyan (2005). Conscious Awareness of Retrieval: An Exploration of the Cortical Connectivity. International Journal of Psychophysiology 55 (2):257-262.
    A review of the patterns of brain activation observed in implicit and explicit memory tasks indicates that during conscious retrieval studied items are first retrieved nonconsciously and are retained in a buffer at the extrastriate cortex. It also indicates that the awareness of the retrieved item is made possible by the activation of a reentrant signaling loop between the extrastriate and left prefrontal cortices.
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