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  1. I primi due saggi sul materialismo di Antonio Labriola nell'Edizione nazionale.Matteo Gargani - 2023 - Rivista di Storia Della Filosofia 78 (4):631-639.
  2. The exemplary and the right. Contemporary virtue ethics, action guidance, and action assessment.Maria Silvia Vaccarezza - 2023 - Rivista di Storia Della Filosofia 1:148-164.
    In this paper, I will account for the importance of the notion of exemplarity within the contemporary virtue-ethical debate, both in its classic formulation (e.g., Hursthouse 1999) and in the recent exemplarist moral theory advanced by Linda T. Zagzebski (2015; 2017). Despite their differences, which I will discuss extensively, both theories are centered on a characterization of an exemplary virtuous agent that serves as a standard for determining what, in a given situation, is right, wrong, dutiful and forbidden. The first (...)
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