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    On Partiality and Tichý's Transparent Intensional Logic.Jiri Raclavsky - 2010 - Magyar Filozofiai Szemle 54 (4):120-128.
    The paper focuses on treating partiality within Tichý’s logical system. Tichý’s logic is two-valued and type-theoretic. His simple theory of types (and the deduction system for it) accepts both total and partial functions. Tichý’s late framework is explicitly ramified. So-called constructions (roughly: algorithms) construct, e.g., values of functions at arguments; in some cases, however, they do not construct anything at all. This special partiality phenomenon is discussed in the second part of the paper.
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    On field's nominalization of physical theories.Mate Szabo - 2010 - Magyar Filozofiai Szemle 54 (4):231-239.
    Quine and Putnam's Indispensability Argument claims that we must be ontologically committed to mathematical objects, because of the indispensability of mathematics in our best scientific theories. Indispensability means that physical theories refer to and quantify over mathematical entities such as sets, numbers and functions. In his famous book 'Science Without Numbers' Hartry Field argues that this is not the case. We can "nominalize" our physical theories, that is we can reformulate them in such a way that 1) the new version (...)
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