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    Doubt and Possibility. On the Symbolic Structures of Philosophical Thought.Joaquim Braga - 2020 - Phainomena 114 (29):155-174.
    Any criticism that can be made of philosophy necessarily implies knowledge of the nature of its symbolic structures. Accordingly, in this paper, I argue that the reflective value of philosophy in the understanding of reality must start by taking into account the peculiar features of the symbolic elements, which compose and support its epistemic structures. The representative core of these elements is, to that extent, the philosophical concept. Through it, as I will try to bring to light, the human mind (...)
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  2. The Locus of Affection: Intersubjective Life from Enaction to Epigenesis.Maksim Miroshnichenko - 2020 - Phainomena 114 (29):33-54.
    How is it possible for me to engage in an intersubjective world? In enactivism, cognition is defined as the living system’s interaction with the meaningful world. What is missing, here, is the conceptualization of intersubjectivity. In this paper, I try to reconstruct the enactivist view of interrelationships between intersubjectivity, teleology, and enaction within the living system’s life cycle. I draw on the enactivist intuitions on teleology and foundations of autonomy with the appeal to the intersubjective view of science as practice. (...)
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    Die Mehrdeutigkeit der „formalen Anzeige“ im hindeutenden Blick auf Sein und Zeit.Christian Ivanoff-Sabogal - 2020 - Phainomena 29 (112-113):25-52.
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